Architecture and design help us to understand the world around us – and to cope with it. From the laws of nature to the caprices of human life, design has always been with us to protect us from the worst and to help us achieve the best.

Design creates a material order or at least the allusion to that. As such it allows us to learn from the past. But design also transforms this world. Few human endeavors challenge the status quo like design. It creates something where there is nothing – it galvanizes a plan. Design is the vehicle of hope.┬áIt gives us a place and it gives us a drive.


Exploring new frontiers of doing architecture and design. Creating value, by identifying issues that matter, and unleashing the power of design to deal with them.…

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Ole Bouman is currently Director of Design Society, which includes the Shekou Design Museum, Shenzhen. Before, he was Creative Director at the Shenzhen Biennale for…

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Creative Leadership 2015-2018 Founding Director, Design Society (opened in December 2017) 2013-2014 Creative Director, Urbanism/Architecture Bi-City Biennale of Shenzhen 2007-2013 General Director, Netherlands Architecture Insitute…

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